Horse Boarding in Los Angeles

At Los Angeles Childrens Riding Center we offer quality and care with our boarding facilities and services.

Covered Paddock – $450.00/month
Covered Large Paddock – $480.00/month
Box Stall – $565.00/month
Box Stall With Paddock – $615.00/month
Turn Outs – Two turn outs a week – $200.00/month
Full Care – Grooming (supplies included) – $350.00/month
Extra Feed – Supplement and Extra Hay – $300.00/month
Tack Room – $45.00/month
Grooming In Training – $200.00/month
Medication – $15.00/time
Inside per Diem Board – $30.00/day
Outside per Diem Board – $25.00/day
Convenience Charge For Credit Card – $5.00 per in house transaction

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Horse Boarding in Los Angeles

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