Welcome to the Los Angeles Children’s Riding Center at Leslie Figge Stables! Established by my mother in 1978, I have inherited the stables and wish to live out her dream: to provide a safe and fun environment for children and adults to learn, bond, and spend quality time horseback riding. From our traveling show team, beginner to advanced horseback riding lessons, and Saturday or seasonal camps, we are here to get you in touch with your inner equestrian! Our family friendly stable has been a home to many horses along with devoted equestrians, creating long lasting friendships and a strong passion for horseback riding.


Grow into the equestrian you have always dreamed of becoming


Let Leslie Figge Stables become your second home


Become your horse's best friend and greatest caretaker

Los Angeles Children's Riding Center



9211 Del Arroyo Drive
Sun Valley, CA
Phone: (818) 768-5470
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